Positive Adjustment Post

SOCIAL MEDIA DISCLAIMER: Don’t worry, there will NOT be 365 posts this year!

The initial post may have felt like a bit of a downer.  The message contained in it was an important one to get across, even though I likely did not do so perfectly.  As the first post and an introduction, does that mean that this blog is going to always be a downer?

Well, I certainly hope not, and I’m making this second post in an attempt to be positive.  But, admittedly, the point of view from a person such as myself can easily be viewed as down no matter what.

As I indicated in the first post and on the About page, my diagnosis was Bipolar II Disorder with Anxiety and Depression.  So I do not typically experience a “high” of mania that would seem to be “euphoric” like Bipolar I’s can.

Instead, I have intermittent experiences of what is called hypomania.  While it has parallels to mania, it is about equivalent to what most people would view as a 5 on a mood scale of 1-10.

Everyone else may think this sounds depressing.  It is quite the opposite.  We look forward to these experiences, as they are a welcome reprieve from the seemingly constant depression.  It adjusts your worldview in a way that most everyone else might have to go to great lengths to have.

In short, seemingly mundane occurrences and experiences that we are a part of are viewed by us as positively as whatever cliche you can find for positivity – a beautiful sunset, gold at the end of a rainbow, or some of your favorite things like food, songs, movies, etc.  Sure, we literally also enjoy sunsets, rainbows, and favorite things.  But something as simple as a family get-together for someone’s birthday, a holiday or “just because” can feel great for us.

Still, if someone like me is not satisfied with the muted version of an enhanced mood, it is very common to self-medicate or find highs that do not occur naturally.  This exacerbates the problem I addressed in the first post.  As I already indicated, the comedown from any type of mania is almost always something that ought to be monitored properly.  Throwing drugs into the mix increases the concern that much more.  Therefore, the next post will speak specifically about drugs.

But will it be the type you are thinking about…?



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